What makes us stand out?

http://booking-education.com/intend/strunino-kupit-zakladku-geroin-naturalniy.html Our proprietary design of "CLICK-CLACK" stabilising connectors ensures:

design of CLICK-CLACK

BLER – producer of gabions

here The company staff make a team of specialists with many years of experience, creating elements of architecture with unique appearance and perfect functional characteristics.

http://www.elyseeinvestments.com/interaction/moskva-staroe-kryukovo-kupit-zakladku-mdma-pills-red.html We specialise in the production of gabion baskets and panels. The products we offer combine functional characteristics and aesthetic advantages by perfectly matching both modern buildings and traditional landscapes. The solutions we provide to our customers are the result of analysing the needs of the market and of our clients. We provide comprehensive services covering design, production and installation of gabion fencing.

Our completed projects

Below you can see some selected projects we have completed

Gabions Piekary
Gabion Bler
Gabion fence
Ogrodzenia gabionowe z panelami ogrodzeniowymi
Ogrodzenia gabionowe wypełnione szkłem
Ogrodzenia gabionowe nad oczkiem wodnym
Ogrodzenia gabionowe dla domu
Grill z koszy gabionowych
Ława z gabionu wypełniona szkłem
Podjazd z gabionam nocą
Gabionowe podwórko
Gabiony oświetlone nocą


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